Stay Faithful

I have been dealing with a lot of issues with the VA that has been testing my nerves. When praying over the situation, I was inspired about staying faithful to God for not only the good days, but the bad ones as well.  After reading many bible verses, I read one of my favorite books of the bible, the book of Job.  Job is one of the best examples in the bible about staying faithful to God no matter what. Even though he was being tormented directly by satan because satan believed he would curse God if his blessings were taken away.  But God was confident in his creation Job, just like He is confident in us all today. I hope you get as much from this sermon as I did researching these bible verses.

Point 1

Job 2: 9-10
Then his wife told him, “Do you remain firm in your integrity? Curse God and die!”
But he replied to her, “You’re talking like foolish women do. Are we to accept what is good from God but not tragedy?” Throughout all of this, Job did not sin by what he said.

This is powerful words to me and anyone that has ever been married! You see, Job had lost everything imaginable and yet he would not sin against God, nor slander him in any way.  Job’s own wife told him to curse God and die.  Think about the amount of sorrow in her heart to want to curse God himself and have her husband die.  I know many husbands or wives that would do just that to shut up their significant other. Job knew that God had his reasons for allowing the tragedy in his life.  Job knew that what was going on was not of his understanding. In Job 12:13 he said, “With God is wisdom and strength; counsel and understanding belong to him.” He kept his faith even though he was being attacked directly by satan. Not many people can do that in the bible other than Jesus himself.  But this mortal man hung onto God and didn’t let go.  I wish I could have 1/10 th of that resolve and most Christians today would agree as well. Sometimes it is hard to stay strong when something really bad happens, but through God true strength arises.

Point 2

Job not only was spoken harshly by his wife, but his community and friends started to talk down to him telling him that he was hiding his sin that he committed.  Job knew that he never sinned against God, but no one would listen to him. His three friends accused him of sin directly.
Eliphaz in Job 22:5 “Your wickedness is great, isn’t it? There’s no limit to your iniquity, is there?” Bildad made accusations in Job 18:5, and Zopher did as well in Job 11:20.  He was getting attacked not only physically, but emotionally.  The people he loved and trusted were all turning against him and saying horrible things.  But yet, he stayed faithful to God. Job had a basic understanding that God could do with his life whatever he wanted to do.

Job 42:2, 5-6
“I know that you can do anything and nothing that you plan is impossible.”
“I’ve heard you with my ears, and now I’ve seen you with my eyes. As a result, I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.”

Even though Job did nothing to deserve what he was getting, he still repented to God and accepted whatever else God was going to send his way.  I do not know how to put my feelings about this down in words.  I honestly do not know what or how I would handle the situation he was in.  But through his faith and humility, Job teaches us so many lessons in life and our walk with God.


Many times in life we are being tested. Our faith is tested, our physical and emotional being is tested and we feel like we may have wronged God some how.  We all now and understand that we fall short of his glory, but how will you act and conduct yourself? To be honest, I almost said some things I would have regretted, however, I prayed and asked God to help and for his guidance.  I felt a sense of relief and strength after reading these verses because I know God was talking to me directly through the bible.  If you are going through hard times and struggling, hang on to Jesus Christ.  Do not try to figure things out because you can’t. As men we will never understand the will of God correctly and must pray and petition to God. Invite him into your life and pray for supernatural healing in you life, finances and your spiritual walk with Him.  Take the lessons of humility that Job teaches us. No matter if your spouse, friends or the world is against you, pray to God and ask for forgiveness in any trespasses you have have committed even without knowing.  Understand that this season or two of pain and sorrow are just that. A season not a life long struggle. By understanding this you will remain standing confident after your tragedy, you will have a sense of comfort knowing God has something amazing planned for you around the corner.  I want to say thank you all for reading my sermons and have a blessed day.

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