Monday’s Devotional

Gen 25:33-34

“But Jacob insisted, “Swear it by an oath right now.” So he swore an oath to him and sold his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau some of his food, along with some boiled stew. So Esau ate, drank, got up, and left, after having belittled his own birthright.”

I wanted to share this Bible verse with everyone today. When reading the story of Esau selling his birthright for some stew makes me think about how many times I have made short term decisions that impacted me on the long run. As most people do, we tend to not weigh out long terms consequences of a decision to gain some sort of short term monetary goal. So please before you make any rash decisions in life, think about Esau and what he lost because he did not take a step back and breathe before making a decision that influenced his entire life. If you are having an obstacle in your life, please take a step back and think how it can hurt you or the ones you love in the future before you take any actions. Please have a blessed day!

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