Wednesday’s Devotional

Exodus 23:1-3

“You shall not spread a false report. Do not join your hand with the wicked to be an unjust witness. You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; neither shall you testify in court to side with a multitude to pervert justice; neither shall you favor a poor man in his cause.”

Slander, gossip, and false witness undermine and make chaos for the justice system.  These types of things cause a separation between friends and family. Gossip is destructive and even if you do not initiate a lie, you become responsible if you pass it along. So please don’t circulate rumors, stop them.  As Christians we are to be very careful how we speak about everything.  We are always being judged for what we say or how we say it. This being said, speak life to people instead of death.  Proclaim the glory of God and how he works in your life. If people are spreading rumors, find out the root of the problem and mediate the issue.  These things please God. In everything you say or do, think to yourself “Will this please God?” If the answer is no, then do not do it and find a way to please God. I hope you all have a blessed day!

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