Thursday’s Devotional 

​Matthew 5:22 ” Anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

I am sharing this Bible verses with you today because people need to guard themselves from sinning. Many times we sin without knowing, and without knowing your sinning you cannot repent and make things right with God. Today in the world sex sells. There is nudity or sexual references in everything. But what do you do about it? The answer is simple, don’t watch it. Jesus said that even having the idea in your head you have committed adultery in your heart. But without guarding yourself from this it is almost impossible for us not to commit adultery. I recommend taking an abstinence from anything lustful on entertainment for a week and then see if you feel a difference in your heart. If you do, then continue doing it. If you do not, then ask God why and meditate on His word for an answer. Please have a blessed day yall.

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Faith Love and Road School

Hello everyone, my name is Ramon Diaz. I am a medically retired Marine that is blessed to travel full time with my wonderful wife and our four children. We are a world school family and we enjoy the beauty the Lord surrounds us with.

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