Tuesday’s Devotional

Social Responsibility

Exodus 22:22-24

“You are not to mistreat any widow or orphan.  If you do mistreat them, they’ll certainly cry out to me, and I’ll immediately hear their cry.  And I’ll be angry and will kill you with swords, and your wives will become widows and your children orphans.&

Hebrew law has always been known for their fairness and social responsibility.  This is because God has always insisted to protect the powerless and the poor.  He did this to give the a chance to restore what has been lost.  Whether it is a love one or property.  As Christians, we should reflect God’s concern for the poor and those in need.  We do this by giving to those less fortunate than us.  Do this because it is right in the eyes of our Lord.  Giving to others in need has always been a part of our culture. Always give from the heart and never expect to get something in return.  I will leave you with one more verse and please have a blessed day.

Acts 20:35

  In every way I showed you that by working hard like this we should help the weak and remember the words that the Lord Jesus himself said,   ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Devotional

    1. It’s up to us to pray for a change in their hearts. Ask God to give them resolution for anything in their life. I have to pray in the morning so when people are mean I can have understanding for their actions. Thank you for the comment!


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