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Rash Vows

Ecclesiastes 5:2

Don’t be impulsive with your mouth nor be in a hurry to talk in God’s presence. Since God is in heaven and you’re on earth, keep your speech short.”

Scripture records many records of men and women that have made rash vows to the Lord and their out comes.  I want to share with you all some and at the end of them what can be learned.

Jephthah offered to the Lord whatever came out to meet him after battle an it turned out to be his daughter.  The consequence was that he lost his daughter. (Judges 11:30-31)

Herods Antipas was to give anything Herodias’s daughter requested and she wanted the death of John the Baptist.  So he was forced to order his death. (Mark 6:22-23)

Hannah vowed to God if He gave her a son that she would give him back to the Lord.  When Samuel was born, she dedicated him to God. (1 Sam 1:9-11)

The lessons to be learned from these examples to be cautious against insincerity in worship.  Each of the people above were careless with their words to the Lord because they wanted some sort of resolution.  Each one of them had to answer for what came out of their mouth.  This is true when speaking to the Lord or others.  I for one am a very emotional person.  So I always have to be careful for what comes out of my mouth both in prayer or when speaking to others.  I am not perfect, but I wanted to share these examples that help me think before I make any rash vows. Pray this lesson helps someone today. God bless you all.