Monday’s Devotional

Nadab and Abihu

Leviticus 10:1-2

Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu each took his own censer, placed fire in it, covered it with incense, and brought it into the LORD’s presence as unauthorized fire that he had never prescribed for them. As a result, fire came out from the LORD’s presence and incinerated them. They died while in the LORD’s presence.”

Today I want to talk about Nadab and Abihu and what we can learn from their lives.  They saw their father Aaron and uncle Moses in action many times.  They had first hand experience of our God at work.  They did not follow the clear example God laid out for them and they paid with their lives.  The consequences of their sin was fiery death and it was shocking to all.  But even the sons of Aaron where not above the Lords law.

But as Christians we can all be in danger of making the same mistakes when we take the Lords justice lightly.  Thanks to the grace that was bestowed upon us, we do not have to worry about lighting the correct incense with clean fire and being burned alive.  We do have to obey God’s will though because our deaths may not be spontaneous like theirs, but when we don’t obey our Heavenly Father, we slowly die inside little by little.  So please take some time this Monday morning to reflect on last weeks actions.  Did you take the Lord for granted or sinned without thinking twice? Take this morning as a day to pray and give thanks to our God for being such a great Father to us all. Also take time today to repent for any sins you committed and start your day refreshed and renewed.  Take the lesson learned from Nadab and Abihu and chose to do the right thing always.  Have a blessed day y’all.

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