Leaving Montana 

Tomorrow my family leaves Ronan, Montana. We made some new amazing friends, met with long time friends and found a wonderful church home. If you are in the area try out the Light House church in Ronan, Pastor Sika and Larry are amazing men of God and no one is a stranger. They are members of YWAM a mission outreach and dedicate almost all of their time to outreach and helping others. We will miss everyone, but Happy that we have plans in place to return.

Nikki and Dave with their two wonderful sons Bug boy and Chicken whipserer came to visit and help us pack out our last few days here in Montana. During our visit here we where able to meet after five years of not seeing get each other since they left Okinawa, Japan in 2012.

I just wanted to say that it is a small world. If you take the time to slow down and build relationships amazing things will happen. We found long lost family and made new family. This road schooling adventure that God has blessed my family to travel down has been an amazing two years and we look forward to how God will continue to work in our lives.

For those who have been following me, I am changing my blog around and teaming up with my wife.  She is an amazing photographer and is amazing in building relationships. I will be continuing to work on devotionals and small sermons, while my wife will be doing the  updates on our travels and our road schooling. She felt like sharing our adventure and the path we are on may be something more would like to read. Please be patient while we try to get it started and any feed back is welcomed.We pray you have an amazing day! 

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