David’s Kindness

2 Samuel 9:3-7

At this the king asked, “Isn’t there still someone left from Saul’s household to whom I may show God’s gracious love?” “There’s Jonathan’s son. He has maimed feet, ” Ziba answered.  So David asked, “Where is he?” Ziba responded, “He’s in Lo-debar at the home of Ammiel’s son Makir.”  At this, King David sent for him and brought him from the home of Ammiel’s son Makir in Lo-debar.  When Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son and a grandson of Saul, approached David, he threw himself on his face out of respect. “Mephibosheth!” David said as he greeted him. “Hello! I am your servant,” he replied.  “Don’t be afraid,” David reassured him, “because I’m going to show gracious love to you in memory of your father Jonathan. I’m going to restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you’ll always have a place at my table!”

David was a man of integrity and courage.  He sought out to find any living relatives of Saul to show them God’s blessings. David’s servant told him about Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son.   So right away David sent for Mephibosheth.  Could you imagine being in Mephibosheth’s shoes.  Knowing that David was a friend of your father and God was with him and not your grandfather?  Instead of being abusive, David showed love and compassion to Mephibosheth.  David restored everything that belonged to his family back to him and even took him in as family to eat at his table.

Mephibosheth did not feel worthy of the gift that David gave him, however, he warmly accepted it.  Was there any time where you felt unworthy of a gift from someone or God himself? Did you accept it?  I correlate two lessons from these scriptures. First that we are to accept our Heavenly Father’s gift of forgiveness of sins and our pace in heaven.  Even though you may think you are unworthy, like Mephibosheth, you have a place next to our King.  Secondly, being able to forgive those who wronged you.  Whether it is someone’s family or themselves.  Have you forgiven them?  Have you given to someone that is less fortunate than you out of the sake of love?

These two lessons are very important to me because each time we show compassion our character gets stronger.  By accepting those around you with faults, those who have hurt you in the past and being able to love them and give that situation to God will make you a better person.  Is it easy? No, nothing rewarding usually is.  That is why you must lean on our God to give you the strength to do so.  If Jesus Christ could sacrifice himself for us and carry the burdens of our sins, why can we not forgive others?  This is a question that we all must ask ourselves. Do you want to be better today than yesterday? Then make a small change and give love and forgiveness to someone that no one else would. Isn’t that what we are called to do?  Have a blessed day y’all.

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