A parenting lesson from David

2 Samuel 18:31-33

Behold, the Cushite came. The Cushite said, “News for my lord the king; for the LORD has avenged you this day of all those who rose up against you.” The king said to the Cushite, “Is it well with the young man Absalom?” The Cushite answered, “May the enemies of my lord the king, and all who rise up against you to do you harm, be as that young man is.”  The king was much moved, and went up to the room over the gate, and wept. As he went, he said, “My son Absalom. My son, my son Absalom. I wish I had died for you, Absalom, my son, my son.”

Even though David’s son Absalom was trying to kill him and take over Israel, why was he so sad?  David was sad for a couple of reasons.  First was that David himself was partially responsible for Absalom’s rebellion.  When Nathan confronted David for his sin with Bathsheba, he told David that his son’s would rebel against him. Knowing this as a fact weighed a lot of guilt in his heart.  Secondly, David was upset because Joab and his officers killed Absalom against his wishes.  Lastly, David loved his son.  Even though his son caused so much heartache and trouble, Absalom was still his son. No parent can truly hate one of their children.

What parenting lessons can be learned from this scripture today?  Many times we are put in situations with our children that we should discipline and rebuke them but don’t. We must remember that we are parents and not our childrens friends.  It is easier to teach your child right when they are young then to try when they are older and set in their ways.  I am a strong believer that it is mostly a parent’s fault that their children’s actions.  If you live a good clean life and lead your house by example, your children will follow suite.  You must remember that they are children and they are not perfect, however, when they make mistakes you correct them and teach them about the consequences for their actions.  

David lost so much lost so much because of his sins with Bathsheba, and it affected his children.  He lost one baby and it lead to a long line of rebellions with his children as a punishment.  The bottom line is for you to be a role model for your children.  Don’t be the cause of them to be lead astray.  

Proverbs 13:24

“One who spares the rod hates his son, but one who loves him is careful to discipline him.”

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