Teaching our children

1 Chronicles 28:9-10

“Now as for you, my son Solomon, get to know the God of your father. Serve him with a sound heart and a devoted soul, because the LORD is searching every heart, every plan and thought. He will be found by you, assuming you are seeking him, but if you abandon him, he will abandon you forever.  So keep watching, because the LORD has chosen you to build the Temple of his sanctuary. So be strong, and get to work!”

Before David’s reign was over, he wanted to ensure his son was prepared for the task of building God’s temple. David wanted to ensure his son had the fundamental principles to live his life by.  These principles written in the scripture above are:

1: Get to know God personally.

2: Learn God’s commands and figure out His plans for you.

3: Worship God with your entire heart.

4: Be willing to serve God.

5: Be faithful to God in all things you do.

6: Don’t become discouraged when things do not go your way.

David understood that the Lord sees what is in everyone’s heart.  Nothing can be hidden from Him.  David learned this from his past experiences with Bathsheba.  The Lord sent Nathan to David to expose his sins of adultery and murder in 2 Samuel 12.  David was telling his son to be completely open with God and to dedicate himself to Him.  God knows the good and bad in everyone of us and yet He still loves us anyway.

As David did, we as parents should take time from our lives to do the same.  We are to ensure our children have the proper foundations of faith in their hearts before they are ready to enter the world.  Are you teaching your children to love and trust in God?  It is never too late to start and today makes a great first day!  Please have a blessed day and ensure you raise your children up to our Heavenly Father. 

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