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We are starting late this year due to our 11yr visiting family over the summer. We are more prepared this year than ever and the kids have been so hyped to get started. 

This morning started with all three of our kids in their PJ’S giggling and excited. They woke up made their beds and sat next to the case that holds each of their work. 

 Dad made Pancakes as we did our morning bible studies and afterwards the kids couldn’t wait to dive in. We started this morning with Math and though rusty from summer break Dad sat and went over a few problems with them as i finished up some last minuite school work for my 13yr.They quickly remembered their math work and where on a roll with the rest.

 We are very excited to get this year started. We have decided to incorporate a list of extra cirricular activities this year for the kids to Focus on in their free time. Everything from Cooking,Sewing, Photography, woodworking, Pirography, Sign Language, and more. I made an Instagram page to show their progress and encourage them to continually better themselves in their spare time. I am also posting photos of their adventures to share what Roadschooling is all about. I will be running their page but share the feed back they receive with them. @ROADSCHOOLING_ADVENTURES  I hope you all have a blessed day and enjoy a little peep into our first day of Roadschooling for the year 2016.