Being a witness

2 Chronicles 9:1-4

When the queen of Sheba heard about Solomon’s reputation, she traveled to Jerusalem and tested him with difficult questions. She brought along a large retinue, camels laden with spices, and lots of gold and precious stones. Upon her arrival, she spoke with Solomon about everything that was on her mind. 2  Solomon answered all of her questions. Because nothing was hidden from Solomon, he hid nothing from her. 3  When the queen of Sheba had seen Solomon’s wisdom for herself, the palace that he had built, 4  the food set at his table, his servants who waited on him, his ministers in attendance and how they were dressed, his personal staff and how they were dressed, and even his personal stairway by which he went up to the LORD’s Temple, she was breathless!

When the queen of Sheba had heard about King Solomon’s wisdom, she had to come and see it for herself and test him.  When she was testing his knowledge with riddles and questions, she was astonished with his answers.  The queen of Sheba saw the fruits of wisdom that the Lord gave King Solomon first hand.  Your life can be a powerful witness to others like Solomons was to the queen of Sheba.  Let others see God at work in you.  When people know your Christian, they naturally want to test your knowledge or questions or beliefs like the queen of Sheba did to Solomon.  Don’t get angry in these times, but use it to witness to them.  They will naturally watch you and see if you walk the way you speak.

I teach my children that as Christians, you should not have to tell someone you are one.  People should see God in you by the way you walk, talk, and love. I teach them that this is the most powerful witnessing you can do as a Christian that I can think of.

So take some time today and look into yourself. Can your life be a positive witness to others? If not, why? If you cannot come up with the answers to fix what is wrong in your life, turn to our Heavenly Father.  Pray and ask for wisdom and knowledge you need to be used as a witness to others. God will listen and you will get an answer when studying His word.  Please have a blessed day y’all.

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