Can you enjoy your life?

Ecclesiastes 2:16

“For neither the wise nor the fool will be long remembered, since in days to come everything will be forgotten. The wise man dies the same way as the fool, does he not?”

Death is the ultimate equalizer of all people.  It does not matter how much you have attained in wealth, wisdom, or popularity. Death comes for us all the same whether you are penniless or a billionaire.  So many people may ask “why not just enjoy your life?” I agree with this questions with a slightly different perspective. I ask “why not live and enjoy the life God gave you?” The way we live our lives affects our outcome after death.  Do you want to pass away and hear angels singing and glorifying our Heavenly Father or do you want to suffer the consequences of living life full of sin and worldly desires? So what does the bible say about enjoying your life? What does the bible say about how to enjoy your life? These are two questions a want to help answer you all today.  Now if you’re ready to take this small journey with me today, lets begin!

1 Timothy 6:6-8

“Of course, godliness with contentment does bring a great profit. 7  Nothing to this world we bring; from it take we nothing. 8  With food to eat and clothes to wear; content we are in everything.”

The bible teaches us to enjoy life, we must be content with what we have.  This lesson both teaches spiritual growth and personal fulfillment.  If you put God in the center of your life and not your personal desires, then you will be content with all that God has provided you.  Many people confuse riches with happiness.  Money cannot buy you happiness.  People get stuck in a vicious cycle of gaining money and possessions and thinking they need more and then more.  They begin to lust for more things and then want to find ways to earn more money to buy them.  Money is not evil though, the lust for money is.  Once you are stuck in this cycle, it is very hard to stop it and you can never truly stop and enjoy your life.  Are you currently stuck in this cycle? If so, how do you break it?

Many things can be learned from this simple truth God shared with us in this scripture.  First is to love people more than you love your money and your possessions.  When you die you cannot bring your things with you.  However, the positive or negative impact you leave on the people around you will be everlasting.  Secondly, there is a fine line between what you need and what you think you need.  If you continue to lust for things you do not have, you can never be content with what God has provided in your life.  So take some time and figure out what is really important in your life and what you truly need to achieve it.

Ecclesiastes 8:15

“So then I recommended enjoyment of life, because it is better on earth for a man to eat, drink, and be happy, since this will stay with him throughout his struggle all the days of his life, which God grants him on earth.”

The Lord wants us to enjoy our lives when done in the right spirit and the right moderations.  People who are not believers “yet,” often have this mindset that they can not fully enjoy their life if the accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.  They focus on what they have to give up in their lives instead of realizing what they are gaining in return.  You see, the scriptures teach us that life is not about enjoying what you have, but understanding that you would not have anything in your life without God.  By understanding this, you will finally be able to enjoy an abundant life. If you hold onto your worldly desires and continue sinning you will never have an abundant life or have eternal life everlasting that can only come through Jesus Christ.

I will share this last scripture with you all today, whether you are a believer or not.  To enjoy your life truly can be as simple as changing the perspective in the ways you see life.  It all starts with how you see things and interpret them.  If you are not happy in your current situation, or feel that you never have enough of anything, please think about all the things you do have and cast your worries of what you do not have to God. Let Him sort out your needs from your desires. I cannot think of another verse better to explain this than Romans 12:2.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but continuously be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you may be able to determine what God’s will is—what is proper, pleasing, and perfect.”

Please have a blessed day!

2 thoughts on “Can you enjoy your life?

  1. What a wonderfully composed devotional. The pictures at the bottom gives testimony to all of the blessings that God created for us to enjoy if we’d just put down our I phones and video games and see it! Life isn’t about what man creates, it’s about what God created for man 💗. Great study!!


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