Stronger Togeher

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. 10  If they stumble, the first will lift up his friend—but woe to anyone who is alone when he falls and there is no one to help him get up. 11  Again, if two lie close together, they will keep warm, but how can only one stay warm? 12  If someone attacks one of them, the two of them together will resist. Furthermore, the tri-braided cord is not soon broken.

Cooperating with others is beneficial to all the parties involved.  Whether in a marriage, a friendship, or a work partnership; life was created to fellowship with one another and not meant to be isolated.  We are made to be able to be affectionate with one another and not to be lonely.  We are also created to serve God and not ourselves, so we are never truly alone.  Don’t try to do everything in life alone and wonder when you fail why you have no one to help you back up. Find companionship and build each other up.

In a relationship, this is an amazing lesson that needs to be learned.  If you think you’re in it alone and feel isolated, your relationship is bound to fail.  Like the scriptures state, “how can one stay warm?”  The most important part of a relationship is proper communication.  If you have something you are struggling with, speak with one another and try to find a resolution to the problem.  Stay positive even if you are the current problem.  Find a happy medium and work on the issues together.  This will only build a stronger relationship with one another.

Another important lesson to be learned is to always put God in the center of your relationship.  It is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way and it almost cost me my marriage many years ago.  With God as the foundation of your relationship, you will be able to work through any obstacle the world can throw your way because you know that God has you covered. Since God is love, what better foundation could their be?  So work hard in building your relationship stronger.  It will not come easy.  It takes hard work, dedication, and compromise to be unshakable with your partner.  If you have a family it does not make you weaker, but stronger.  A three or six strand braid in my case is not easily broken.  So use each other’s strengths and build on each others weaknesses to become unbreakable.  I leave you all with one last verse as a reminder to work hard in your relationship.

Colossians 3:23

“Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people.”

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