Don’t wait too long

Ecclesiastes 11:4

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”

When reading this scripture two short lessons jump out at me and I think they are beneficial to share with everyone today. The first lesson is based on your personal walk with our lord and savior Jesus Christ.  The second lesson is how this scripture can help your daily walk.  Now that I have identified what we will be covering, lets begin this journey together!

On our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, many times people constantly wait to do something which just means they are not moving forward at all.  This is a great insight this scripture shares with us because if you are waiting for an ideal perfect time to start your personal bible study of the scriptures or teaching your family the word of God you will end up never doing it.  It will never be the “perfect” conditions to do something, you just have to have a leap of faith and just do it.  Also, if you wait to find a perfect church, you will never join a church.  If you are waiting for the perfect ministry to serve, you will never gain the experience you need to help others and use the gifts that God blessed you with.  You need to start your personal journey with our Lord now, if not, you will only stay stagnant in your spiritual journey.

The second lesson from this scripture I want to share has to do with your personal life.  I have been guilty of not moving forward in my life because I was waiting for what I thought perfect conditions were.  I lost out in many opportunities because my failure to act.  Learn from my past mistakes and maybe even yours.  This scripture gives us all a valid lesson to better our lives.  Many times people feel anxious in making a decision because they think they are being too rash.  Sometimes you need to get rid of that mindset and give it to the Lord.  If what you are wanting to do glorifies God, is honest and right, and may help your situation or others, don’t wait and start moving!  The devil will use your doubt against you.  He will stop you from bettering yourself and others.

I pray this message reaches who it needs to today and that everyone has a blessed day!

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