A universal truth

As finishing my in depth study of Ecclesiastes, one cannot properly interpret the entire book and its lessons without one of Solomon’s last verses which is spirit filled.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

“Let the conclusion of all of these thoughts be heard: Fear God and obey his commandments, for this is what it means to be human. 14  For God will judge every deed, along with every secret, whether good or evil.”

There are two main ailments presented in this book.  First is for people who lack direction and purpose in life need to fear God and follow His commands.  Secondly is for people who may be bitter from the injustices in this world.  For those people, they need to understand that God is the final judge of all injustices.  Knowing this will bring peace of mind to all believers.  Also knowing that God knows all our deeds whether good or bad and we will see final judgement from Him should bring us happiness.

Solomon teaches us that we should enjoy life and the fruits of our youth, but this does not excuse us from not obeying our Heavenly Father.  He also teaches us that we should search for our meaning in life, but it can not be found by human endeavors.  We need to acknowledge the evils in life and injustices, but keep our faith in the Lord.  By keeping firm in your faith in God, one can then see what the Lord wants from our lives and fill them with purpose.  Since we are here to glorify God and help one another, if you do not fully dedicate yourself to the Lord how can you truly find your purpose in life? This important lesson is not only found in Ecclesiastes, but in multiple books and verses in the bible that I am wanting to share with everyone today.  So let’s continue to dig deeper into the scripture to learn what the Lord wants to to know today.

2 John 1:6

“And this is what demonstrates love: that we live according to God’s commandments. Just as you have heard from the beginning what he commanded, you must live by it.”

Our love to the Lord is shown and proved by our living in accordance with His commands.  We show our love in many ways.  First and foremost is to honor His commands and second is to love one another. One of His first commands is found in Leviticus 19:18 which states for us to love one another.  We do this by listening, helping, avoiding prejudices, serving, and giving honor together to our Lord.  Solomon was teaching us to fear the Lord and to honor Him.  Now the apostle John is taking that basic knowledge and teaching us how important it is to put it into action. In John’s time, they spread the gospel by traveling church to church and house to house.  These evangelists lived off the charity and provisions from fellow believers in Christ. The early Christians showed their love by the actions of taking care of one another like the Lord commanded. They had fear and reverence for the Lord and this is why they did it. The followed the Lord and let the Holy Spirit work in their lives and gave them purpose like Solomon was leading up to.  

Ultimately Romans 2:6-8 gives us the why to obey our Heavenly Father.

“Who will render to every man according to his deeds: 7  To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life”

Solomon shared his knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon him by the Lord to teach us a life lesson.  John is teaching us to take that knowledge and put it into action.  However, Paul gives us the why to obey our Heavenly Father.  Paul explains the “erga” or external deeds that we all apply in life.  Even though Paul in this scripture is teaching about God’s judgement of sin, he is clearly showing the benefits and consequences of obeying our God or not obeying Him.  There is always two sides to the cosmic coin.  Matthew 25:14-29 also speaks about those who labor the most and have been the most faithful shall receive the highest award of eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ.  

In conclusion, the living word teaches us many lessons that overlap by different teachers and experiences that were filled by the Holy Spirit and were guided by God himself.  The universal truth that Solomon’s teaching can be seen throughout the bible and in our daily life.  Knowing God’s word is one thing, but applying that truth is another.  Ultimately it is up to each and everyone of us to obey God’s word and take steps to better ourselves.  By bettering ourselves we will be an example for others to emulate. Each and everyone of us is called to obey our God and spread the gospel.  Without actions the gospel will never spread.  If we do not live the good book and if we are not filled with the Holy Spirit how can we show others the love of Christ?  We are called to be a small light in the darkness to allow others to find Jesus Christ.  Take this lesson and reflect upon yourself.  How bright is your light? This is the universal truth I wanted to share with everyone today. Please have a blessed day y’all.

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