Don’t lose your raven!

1 Kings 17:1-6

“Elijah the foreigner, who was an alien resident from Gilead, told Ahab, “As the LORD God of Israel lives, in whose presence I’m standing, there will be neither dew nor rain these next several years, except when I say so.” 2  Later, this message came to him from the LORD: 3  “Leave here and go into hiding at the Wadi Cherith, where it enters the Jordan River. 4  You will be able to drink from that brook, and I’ve commanded some crows to sustain you there.” 5  So Elijah left and did exactly what the LORD had told him to do—he went to live near the Wadi Cherith, where it enters the Jordan River. 6  Crows would bring him bread and meat both in the morning and in the evening, and he would drink from the brook.”

Elijah was the first in a long line of prophets that God sent to Israel and Judah.  The tribe of Israel was the northern kingdom and had no godly kings, and all of them turned to pagan worshiping and turned the hearts of the people away from God.  There was a few amount of priest from the tribe of Levi there because the majority of them lived in Judah.  But even the priest of Judah were corrupt and were inefficient in bringing the people back to the Lord. With all this corruption, what did God do?  He started to send out prophets for the next 300 years or so.  The prophets were to help the people become moral again and help them spiritually.  It was their responsibility mandated by God to bring the people’s hearts back to Him.

Now what was so important about 1 Kings 17:1-6?  The pagan worshipers believed in Baal.  To them, he brought the rains to the people.  So when Elijah told them his God was going to stop the rains, Elijah was putting the pagans in their place.  He was saying that our God was the one true God and all the pagan gods were false gods that had no power over our Heavenly Father.  But this is only the first important part of this scripture.  Secondly, God told Elijah to hide  and told him that he would provide all the provisions he required to be sustained.  So Elijah did just as God told him to do and left.  This showed full obedience and trust to God’s promise to him.  Then a miracle happened!  A raven was bringing Elijah bread and meat everyday to eat and he was able to drink water from the brook just like God promised him.  Man, isn’t that amazing! God did not bring him Gold, or wine, just the necessities.

If Elijah was humbled and grateful for every provision God provided, what is stopping each and everyone of us? People spend a lot of time being lustful and wanting everything they do not have.  People even covet their neighbors even though God clearly commanded us to do the opposite.  However, we do it anyways and expect for God to bless us all abundantly just because we are saved or believe in Him. The Lord is not a tool for getting what you want! First you must humble yourself and be grateful for the provisions He has already provided each and everyone of you. Pray and glorify His name and give thanksgiving for what you do have.  If you spend too much time worrying about what you do not have, you will lose sight of your day-to-day blessings.  Don’t let yourself lose your “raven” because of your hardened heart.  I say this because if you lose sight of your “raven” you will never be truly blessed. I pray that everyone has a blessed day today and God bless you all.

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