A double portion of spirit

For today’s devotional I will be going over 2 Kings 2:8-16.  The way I will be presenting the lesson will be a little different than I usually present my message or everyone. I will be breaking up the scripture into sections and going a little bit more into detail with everyone and then when completed, I will present the overall lessons that can be applied to our daily lives today. Now lets begin.

2 Kings 2:8

“Elijah took off his ornamented cloak, wrapped it up in a roll, struck the water, and all of a sudden the water divided into two parts! One side of the river stood still opposite the other until the two of them crossed over on dry ground.”

Have you ever wondered the significance of the ornamented cloak of Elijah was?  Elijah’s cloak was his symbol of authority as the head prophet for our Lord.  Just like Moses’s staff, with the authority of God he was able to strike the water and the river split and allowed the two men to cross it in dry ground.  When reading this I can only stand in awe knowing the power God gives his prophets and the faith they had to know who was backing them.  Elijah did not chant or ask the river to split, Elijah hit the water with his cloak and told it to move.  You see, when you have the power of God in you, you are the only one that can set limitations to your abilities.  Elijah is a perfect example for this and many things can be learned from him.

2 Kings 2:9-12

“When they had crossed the Jordan River, Elijah invited Elisha, “Ask me what you want me to do for you before I’m taken away from you.” So Elisha asked, “Please, may there be a double portion of your spirit upon me!” 10  “That’s a hard thing to ask for,” Elijah answered, “but if you see me while I’m being taken from you, it will happen for you. But if you don’t see me, it won’t happen.” 11  As they continued on, talking as they went, suddenly chariots blazing with fire and pulled by fiery horses appeared, separated the two of them, and Elijah ascended in a wind storm to heaven! 12  As Elisha continued to watch, he cried out, “My father! My father! The chariots of Israel and its cavalry!” Then he did not see Elijah anymore. After this, Elisha gripped his clothes that he was wearing, tore them apart into two pieces,”

Elisha knew he was Elijah’s successor, he also knew he would be the one to lead the prophets of our Lord.  That is why he asked Elijah for a “double portion of spirit.” He was not asking to be more powerful than Elijah, he was asking to be able to accomplish more for God.

Deuteronomy 21:17

“Instead, he must acknowledge the firstborn of the unloved wife by giving him double of everything he owns, because he is really the first fruit of his father’s strength. The right of the firstborn belongs to him.”

Just like Deuteronomy 21:17 shows, Elisha was asking in a manner of a first born son.  Since Elisha was Elijah’s apprentice, Elijah was a father figure to him.  However, Elijah told him that a blessing of that magnitude would have to come from God himself and not him.  Since God knew Elisha’s heart and intentions were pure, he allowed him to see Elijah be taken away to heaven confirming his “double portion of spirit” that he requested.

2 Kings 2:13-16

picked up Elijah’s ornamented cloak that had fallen from him, and went back to stand on the bank of the Jordan River. 14  Elisha took hold of Elijah’s ornamental cloak that had been left behind, struck the water, and cried out: “Where is the LORD God of Elijah?” All of a sudden, after he had struck the water, the water divided into two parts! One side of the river stood opposite the other, and Elisha crossed over. 15  As soon as the Guild of Prophets who lived adjacent to Jericho saw Elisha, they began to announce, “The spirit of Elijah is at rest on Elisha!” So they came out to meet him and they greeted him by bowing low to the ground in front of him. 16  Then they asked Elisha, “Look! We have 50 valiant men here with your servant! Please let them go out and search for your master Elijah. Perhaps the Spirit of the LORD has taken him up on a mountain or into a valley.” Elisha responded, “Don’t bother searching.”

When Elisha picked up Elijah’s cloak, he struck the water and just like his teacher, the river split and allowed him to cross on dry land.  For the prophets that were bystanders, this confirmed Elisha’s position as head prophet for the Lord.  There was no argument that God was with him. This is an amazing testament to God’s power and how he can work through us if we let Him.

Now from reading the entire scripture, there are many lessons to be learned.  First is how amazing a testimony can be when others witness a change in your life.  When God works in you, you start to change from the inside out.  You are no longer the man or woman you used to be. Your interest change and you start to want to be less of you and more like Jesus Christ.  Like the prophets that witnessed the split of the Jordan river for Elijah and then Elisha, when people see the change in you and the power of love the Holy Spirit has in you will cause a positive impact to those around you in your daily life.  They will be drawn to you and want to know more about how and why you changed.  This gives you a perfect opportunity to witness to them like we are all called to do.  

The second lesson I want to write about is how not to be afraid to ask God for His blessings.  Like Elisha, if your heart is pure and your intentions godly, the Lord will give you the resources requested to glorify His name and allow you to work for Him.  If you are too scared to ask your Heavenly Father to serve Him more, you should take a step back and examine your true intentions.  If there is pride or lust for power somewhere in there, you need to find out why and fix yourself. Your focus should be on God and not yourself. Also, if you are scared to ask, the answer will always be “no.”  Only those who are humble and wanting to serve the Lord lovingly will receive the “double portion of spirit.”  

I pray that everyone today learned something important today and that God spoke directly to you after reading this. Like Elisha, I pray that God bestows upon me a double portion of spirit so I can continue my new ministries and allow me to do God’s work here on Earth.  I also pray that one day God loves me so much that he takes me away to heaven like Enoch in Genesis and Elijah in 2 Kings.  There were only two people taken to heaven by God without dying.  What a wonderful thing for God to want you with Him so much that he doesn’t want to wait until you die. That is the type of relationship I want with God and I pray for many of us to have. So do not be afraid to serve God and request your double portion of spirit. Have a blessed day yall.

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