Simple Faith!

2 Kings 5:12-16

Aren’t the Abana and Pharpar rivers in Damascus better than all of the water in Israel? Couldn’t I just bathe in them and become clean?” So he turned away and left, filled with anger. 13  But then his servants approached him and spoke with him. They said, “My father, had the prophet only asked of you something great, you would have done it, wouldn’t you? Yet he told you, ‘Bathe, and be clean…!’” 14  So he went down and plunged himself into the Jordan River seven times, just as the man of God had said, and his flesh rejuvenated like the flesh of a newborn child. And he was clean. 15 Naaman went back to the man of God, along with his entire entourage, and stood before him. “Please look!” he said. “I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel! So please, take a present from your servant.” 16  But Elisha replied, “As the LORD lives, before whom I stand, I will not receive anything from you.” Though Naaman urged him to take it, Elisha declined.

Naaman left in a rage because the cure for his disease was too simple for him.  He expected to have to go through high lengths and complete a mission for God to be healed.  Naaman wanted to show others that he worked hard for God to be cured.  Naaman was full of pride and could not accept the simple cure of faith at first.

Faith is used over 340 times in the bible in four main ways.  First as a personal belief and a mental acceptance of God’s existence.  Secondly, as a conduct or work inspired by God.  Third, in a simple trust in God.  Lastly, a system of doctrine and morally specific to Christianity itself.  Needless to say that “faith” is extremely important to God and is actually a very simple principle that can be used in multiple aspects both biblically and practically in our lives today.  However, pride has a way to make you complicate simple faith into something more than it actually is like Naaman tried to do.

Many people tend to react to God’s forgiveness in the same way Naaman did.  Just to believe in Jesus Christ is not so significant enough to earn eternal life is it? To obey our Heavenly Father’s commandments does not seem very heroic or special to have salvation, but it is.  God provides us simple solutions and does not make salvation complicated so we can all achieve it.  God does not want to confuse us, He wants to save and liberate us all from our worldly bondage.  He is the light and the one true way to salvation and wants everyone to know it.  Like Naaman, we must humbly accept God’s mercy and cover ourselves in the water.  Naaman needed it to cure his leprosy, and we need it to wash away our sins.  That is why we must choose to accept God and his son Jesus Christ without letting our pride get in the way.

Another important lesson from this scripture is that I want to share with everyone is the fact that Elisha did not accept any payments from Naaman.  This is because money is useless when it comes to sickness and death.  No matter how much money you accumulate in your lifetime, it all disappears when you face our Creator in the end.  It will not be your bank account that saves you, but your faith in Jesus Christ in the end.  So please don’t be like Naaman and make “simple faith” more complicated than it is.  Sometimes healing is just as simple as washing yourself down in the river.  Wash away your sins, illnesses, anger, jealousy, pride, mental issues, neglect, or bad intentions away.  Just leave it under the water and let the cross carry your burdens away.  This does not mean you all automatically healed, but with the power of the Holy Spirit in you and your faith, you can move mountains if you truly believe it.  Just remember that true faith is simple faith!

I pray that everyone has learned something today and has a blessed day!

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