10 year anniversary!

This past week my wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I am blessed to have my gorgeous wife still standing by my side and I by her. We have grown so much together over the last decade. the best lesson we learned was putting God first in our lives and in our relationship. By doing that we have grown so much more together and the love we have for one another cannot be explained. I thank God everyday for giving me Amy and blessing me with raising four of His children we have had together.

Here are some pictures of our trip and us together. One of the pictures my wife is looking out the window enjoying a cup of coffee while watching dolphins in the harbor. Another is us sitting on the ferry together. My wife and I also bought a matching outfit with shoes and everything. We have become “that couple” lol. We also met some amazing people and made friends with three new pastors. The world is small and God is always good! 

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