Watching your tongue

Proverbs 25:18

“Telling lies about others is as harmful as hitting them with an ax, wounding them with a sword, or shooting them with a sharp arrow.”

A few weeks ago I was talking over the phone with my brother-in-law Stevie about how in today’s world people are so negative and so many bad things come from it.  One of those things that I want to focus this message on today is on lying on one another.  It has sadly become a common occurrence in our society.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing it to protect yourself, putting someone else down, or gossiping on someone, it is wrong.  Many people forget how much power words have and how they can affect others either positively or negatively.  If the Lord commands us to love one another, why do we not just hold ourselves accountable for everything we say and do?  When did telling the truth become so hard for so many people?  This scripture shows us that telling a lie is as vicious a act of physical violence. Meditate on those words for a few minutes.  Its effects can be as permanent as those of a physical wound if not worse.  So let’s look further in the bible together to see what else it says about watching your tongue.

Ephesians 4:28-32

The thief must no longer steal but must work hard and do what is good with his own hands, so that he might earn something to give to the needy. 29  Let no filthy talk be heard from your mouths, but only what is good for building up people and meeting the need of the moment. This way you will administer grace to those who hear you. 30  Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, by whom you were marked with a seal for the day of redemption. 31  Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, quarreling, and slander be put away from you, along with all hatred. 32 And be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another just as God has forgiven you in the Messiah.

The bible teaches us that we bring sorrow to the Holy Spirit by the way we live and speak.  Paul warns us about unwholesome language, bitterness, improper anger, harsh words, slander, and bad attitudes towards others.  Paul is showing us that your negativity is evil and does not come from our loving God, but from satan.  If your mind is filled with negativity and evil thoughts, how can you think positively about a situation and speak life to others.  You cannot!  A little bit of humility and love will go a long way not just for you, but for others as well.  The bible teaches us that we are held accountable for everything we do and say.

Matthew 12:36-37

“I tell you, on Judgment Day people will give an account for every thoughtless word they have uttered, 37  because by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

With havin so much knowledge the bible teaches us about the effects of speaking negatively does to you and others, why lie or speak negative?  Why keep negative thoughts in your mind instead of loving ones?  I pray today’s message helps someone today and you think a little more about your negative thoughts and what words come out of your mouth.  Remember this lesson next time you are tempted to lie or pass along false information.  Imagine yourself wounding the victim with a sword or ax. This may sound funny to some, but what if that victim was your spouse, mother, father, siblings or even your own child?  Hopefully this picture will help you watch your tongue.

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