The few and the humble

Isaiah 26:16-19

LORD, they came to you in distress; they poured out their secret prayer when your chastenings were afflicting them. 17  Just as a pregnant woman writhes and cries out during her labor when she is about to give birth, so were we because of you, LORD. 18  We were pregnant, writhing in pain, but we gave birth only to wind. We have not won your victory on earth, nor have the inhabitants of the world been born.” 19  “But your dead will live; their bodies will rise. Those who live in the dust will wake up and shout for joy! For your dew is like the dew of dawn, and the earth will give birth to the dead.

Before my Thanksgiving post, I touched up on the beginning of Isaiah’s apocalypse.  I know it might have sounded a little doom and gloom, but the point I was trying to make was that we still have a chance to make a difference and stay faithful no matter what to God.  I was also touching on the fact when someone sins, it affects everyone not just that person.  Here in verses 16-19 that I am sharing with you now, Isaiah is stating an important principle that we should all learn as Christians. Here Isaiah is talking about the side of the coin so to speak, the faithful who continue to seek Him and do the right things will be rewarded.  These people realized the pain from being away from God and were assured the faithful will live again.  You see, God turned His back on the Israelites who disobeyed Him, but a small number of people stayed faithful and never stopped seeking the Lord.  This is important because their trust in the Lord did not waiver and we can all learn from these select few.  These Jews were oppressed by the tyrants of Babylon.  Were were not only dead because they had no privileges, were taken from their homes, and their king was dethroned, but many faithful Jews died.  Since their rights were taken away, they were civilly dead. So when Isaiah said they shall live, in one part he was speaking about the living being restored to their country and the faithful that passed away would rise again.

When reading verse 19, I started to think about life after death.  Many people do not believe in life after death.  Isaiah tells us that our bodies will rise again.  I am going to share some of Paul’s scripture to clarify this.

1 Corinthians 15:50-53

Brothers, this is what I mean: Mortal bodies cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and what decays cannot inherit what does not decay. 51  Let me tell you a secret. Not all of us will die, but all of us will be changed— 52  in a moment, faster than an eye can blink, at the sound of the last trumpet. Indeed, that trumpet will sound, and then the dead will be raised never to decay, and we will be changed. 53  For what is decaying must be clothed with what cannot decay, and what is dying must be clothed with what cannot die.

When Jesus himself was resurrected, He had a new, imperishable body.  This is something for us believers to look forward to. It is also mentioned in Daniel 12:2.  The Lord keeps His promises and because of that we must remain the few and the humble.  We need to keep the Lord’s love deep in our hearts and His word as well.  We must live right and do the things that are pleasing in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.  I, just like many others want to be given His blessings.  So I fight hard to keep the world out of my house and mind and keep God there instead.  I try to be a little bit more Christ like today than I was yesterday while sharing the gospel to others.  So that is what keeps me going, what about you?  Do you want to inherit eternal life?  This takes action not just words.  Take these words into your hearts. Like the faithful Jews in the past, we must actively seek the Lord and be the humble few.

I pray that everyone has a blessed day!

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