Don’t be bitter about the world

Ezekiel 3:14-15

So the Spirit lifted me up, and took me away; and I went in bitterness, in the anger of my spirit; and the hand of the LORD was strong on me. 15  Then I came to them of the exiles at Tel Aviv, that lived by the river Chebar, and to where they lived; and I sat there overwhelmed among them seven days.

Have you ever tried hard to help someone that was in trouble whether spiritually or physically and after helping them they went back to doing exactly what caused them to be in that situation to begin with?  In a way, these types of situations can make us feel bitter.  I know I have felt this way before in the past and had to humble myself and realize that it is not my place to be angry and judge that person, but our Heavenly Fathers.  It was my job to continue forgiving the people and continue to help them wth their bondange while sharing God’s love with them.

I was not alone feeling this way, many other have to include Ezekiel.  Ezekiel was also upset and bitter, not from his commission from God, but the sins and the attitudes of the people he was sent to prophesy to.  The people cared little for God’s message and this angered him.  Earlier the people heard Jeremiah’s message and did not listen and now Ezekiel was dealing with the same issue.  Despite knowing that most likely the people would fail to listen to him and obey God’s word due to their disobedience, Ezekiel stayed faithful to God and obeyed Him.  He knew that God was with him just like God is with us all today.

As we grow spiritually we tend to get happy being closer to our Heavenly Father, however, many times the world, peoples constant sinning against you, and our everyday struggles is enough to overwhelm even the strongest of believers.  The lesson from this message that I want to share with you all today is to stay obedient to God even when we don’t feel like it.  Don’t let your feelings hinder you from doing God’s will and making a difference in this world. Whether it is making a change in your household, community or larger, you never know how much of an impact you are making until after you do it.  So don’t give up on situations and people you feel are hopeless, keep helping others and sharing God’s love with them and sooner or later you will get through to them.  Just remember Ezekiel as an example, if he never gave up, you shouldn’t either.  Please have a blessed day and God bless you all.

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