Goodbye 2016!


2016 has been quite the year. Kyle my oldest son finished his certs to be a Full Stack Web developer, My hubby finished seminary and was certified as a Emergency service Chaplain. This year was also the first year we ventured all over the US. Seeing 12 different states we Fished in rivers, swam in the ocean, climbed in the mountains and hiked in the forest. Met new friends and taste new foods. Enjoyed roller sliding in White Fish and relaxed in hot springs. Rock hounded in the desert and survived the heat. Played in the snow and didn’t freeze. Helped a community rebuild and church and always kept an open heart.We got to explore Zion, Bryce, yellowstone and Glacier national park. The kids got to ride the Happy Hippo  and eat huckleberry for the first time. We reunited with friends from Okinawa Japan and met others who live on the road just like us .

The kids learned about Dams and attended their first hot air balloon festival. They played putt putt in Wyoming and rode their first ferry in Galveston. We got to see the Aztec ruins in New Mexico and the Bison range in Montana. We hiked slot canyons in Utah and explored an old gold mine in Silverton Colorado . We watched the sun rise at gooseneck and boon docked at Mexican hat. My younger 3 dedicated their lives this year 2 were baptized in Flathead lake and 1 in Vallecito Lake. This year has had its hard times by all means but it has sure had beautiful moments as well. I am so grateful for my home. It’s not huge, it’s not fancy, but we are happy and love the opportunities we have in our life with a house on wheels. ♡ I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us and what this post a year from now will read. I love all the new friends I’ve made on here. You all have inspired me and blessed me more than you know.

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