Kids lesson for life

One thing I hope to teach my kids in life is not to love and crave more possessions but the beauty the Lord has given us in his creations. The adventures that you can have and how free it feels to have time separated from worldly bondage. ( possessions, social media, wifi, t.v., video games, your electronics so on.) 

We all fall into this daily and don’t even realize it. We spend more time with man made (fun) things than we allow ourselves time away with God creations. Praising him for all that HE’S created for you and me, and enjoying a breath of fresh air. I know not everyone is cut out for our lifestyle nor outdoorsman people, we all need to indulge in our own adventure and calling. I encourage everyone to seek adventure away from man made creations and surround yourself with God’s creations once in awhile. It can be the biggest adventure you’ve embarked on yet. ♡♡♡ 

As for us we have climbed mountains that advised small children couldn’t climb, ( they beat us to the top ) river trekked to waterfalls, scaled cliffs, rock hounded in canyons, and crawled deep into caves. This is a photo of my oldest son and husband crawling in a narrow space to the next cavern over. We came to this area for a swim found a hole and ended up spelunking for 2 hours. For us this is our adventure and our calling, it’s so rewarding ♡♡♡♡ You CAN live a life with adventures you just need to see where change can be made and DO IT ♡♡♡♡ Love Y’all Amy


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