The Truths About Roadschooling 

Exploring a lava field in Utah. This was such an awesome experience. A photo can do no justice to the size of the rocks and destruction all around. I’d learned about Volcanoes in school and of course taught the kids before visiting. It is the prime example of roadschooling, (studies, photos and documentaries) do this experience no justice. To experience a place like this in person puts a whole new perspective on volcanoes and lava tubes.

It also makes learning more exciting to teach the kids and then go. Quizzing them about everything they have learned in the actual location and hands on. The more we see what this life has to offer and watching our kids grow the more we cherish every step. It definitely takes dedication, a lot of planning and lining everything up so the kids can get the most out of every place we visit. It’s been worth every step and a rewarding journey we have fallen in love with. 

Roadschooling= Our kids do studies just like a child in school except our studies do not end with a bell at 3pm or on a Friday afternoon. Our field trips are more frequent, a bit epic and memorable too ♡♡♡♡ Love Amy


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