Why to be holy?

Ezekiel 43:9-12

But now let them send their unfaithfulness—that is, the lifeless idols of their kings—far away from me, and I will live among them forever.” 10 “And now, Son of Man, describe the Temple to the house of Israel. They will be ashamed because of their sin. They will measure its pattern. 11 If they are ashamed of everything that they’ve done, you are to reveal to them the design of the Temple, its structure, its exits and entrances, its plans, its ordinances, and all of its regulations. Write it down where they can see it and remember all of its designs and regulations, so they will implement them. 12 This is to be the regulation for the Temple: the entire area on top of the mountain is to be considered wholly consecrated. This is to be the law of the Temple.”

The basic law in God’s temple is to be holy.  The reason for this is that everything God does is holy and perfect.  Our Heavenly Father is also blameless and has no traces of evil or sin in Him.  What an amazing example to look up to, especially for those who have not had a positive father figure in their life.  Since we follow our God, we have been called to be holy as well.

Leviticus 19:2

“Tell the entire assembly of Israel that they are to be holy, since I, the LORD your God, am holy.”

1 Peter 1:15-16

Instead, be holy in every aspect of your life, just as the one who called you be holy. 16 For it is written, “You must be holy, because I am holy.”

We can only be holy by setting ourselves apart for God and dedicating our lives to not sin.  God knows we will fall, however, like the perfect father He is, He will always be there to pick us back up.  As Christians it is important that the concept of holiness is important in our spiritual walk.  Nowhere in the scriptures have I read to be worldly, selfish, or judgmental.  On the contrary , we are taught to love one another, to have patience, and to turn the other cheek when others attack us.

By understanding that God calls us apart will help you through your dark days.  You are special and everyday you should try to beat your yesterdays best.  I say this because when you think you’re good enough, you have stopped your spiritual growth.  I learned this from a very wise wife! So please dedicate your lives to serving our Lord and follow His simple rule of being holy.  Our bodies are His temple and this is something we must never take lightly nor forget.  Please have a blessed day!

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