Staying righteous no matter what!

From this scripture I am sharing with you all below there are three small lessons I am wanting to share with everyone.  The first is how our actions and hard work can influence others.  The second is dealing with others that do not like you.  Lastly I want to discuss how jealous people can lash out to your religion when they find no fault in your actions.  Now let us begin!

Daniel 6:1-5

It pleased Darius to appoint 120 regional authorities over the kingdom throughout the realm, 2 along with three chief administrators from them, one of which was Daniel. The regional authorities reported to these three administrators, so that the king would experience no losses. 3 Daniel distinguished himself among all the administrators and regional authorities, because he was of an extraordinary spirit. Therefore, the king planned to appoint him over the whole kingdom. 4 Because of this, the administrators and regional authorities tried to bring allegations of dereliction of duty in government affairs against Daniel, but they were unable to find any charges of corruption. Daniel was trustworthy, and no evidence of negligence or corruption could be found against him. 5 So these men said, “We’ll never find any basis for complaint against Daniel unless we build it on the requirements of his God.”

Daniel was Darius’s top three administrators.  Every single day Daniel worked hard and with people who did not believe in his God.  This did not deter him though, he continued to work harder and more efficiently than anyone else.  Since Daniel fully dedicated himself to the service of Darius, Darius recognized him for it and being godly. Daniel earned the respect of a pagan king which shows us all that we can be a positive influence to even the most sinful of people.  This is why we should dedicate ourselves to everything we do and to be godly ambassadors for the Lord.  People first learn about God through each Christian’s actions and the words that come out of their mouths. Be Never a reason to push someone away from Christ, but the reason why they ask why is that person like that.

Daniel’s hard work caused him to have many enemies because they were envious of him.  Maybe you have had similar experiences at work or school.  I know I have and did not handle it in a godly manner.  I should have applied this lesson from Daniel that I am sharing with you now.  When people are hating you for doing what is right, do not change yourself or the way you think. It is easy to get angry and stoop down to their level, but is this what God wants from us?  No, He does not.  God wants us to act like Daniel and conduct yourself above reproach.  Never let others make you feel less than what you are in the eyes of the Lord.  This way you will never have anything to hide and this way it makes it very difficult for your enemies to find legitimate charges against you.  This will never stop you from being attacked, but like Daniel, you can rely on our Heavenly Father for protection.

Since the jealous administrators and officers could not find anything about the life of Daniel to criticize, they began to attack his religion.  As Christians this is something we have to deal with in a daily basis one way or another.  It can be a direct attack on you or rumors that are meant to make others look down on you.  Do not get discouraged when this happens because satan always attacks those who are doing what God expects of them.  Instead of getting to the defensive, use the negative attack as a way to minister to that person.  By keeping your cool and explaining why you believe in what you believe in will plant a seed in that person’s mind.  You never know when God is using you to influence others, and many times when people are angry with you is because they feel convicted of how they act or think and not your actions.  So remember this next time you feel under attack.  Take a deep breath and say “God use me to help this person.”

I pray this short lesson helps someone today in need of hearing these words. Please have a blessed day and may God bless each one of you.


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