Rainforest adventure 

We enjoyed our adventure today exploring the Moody Gardens Rainforest pyramid . The kids have learned so much about Rainforests it was a blessing to visit one. Upon opening the door to the Museum we were greeted by the most beautiful vibrant orange birds. We had no clue the animals would be out in the open with us and not caged. It made for a more intriguing and memorable visit. It was exciting to be in their environment and see, bright birds, Ducks, a sloth, monkey’s, bats, butterflies, and more all just roaming all around us. 

I have to be honest homeschooling our children we have learned so much. Not wanting to fail our kids we dig deep and put in extra effort to teach our kids everything. The amount that we’ve learned just by being educators has been a blast. The kids play off of us enjoying this journey and in return they love it and are always hungry for more. I remember being afraid, what if I fail my children? I think a lot of that was due to negative whispers from outsiders planting doubt in my mind. Outsiders who have never even looked up statistics or what homeschooling is today. I am just grateful we had the faith to atleast try, to pursue this journey, to grow together and instil a love for learning and growth in our children.

Truth be told not only have they grown but we have grown as parents as well. ♡

Did you know it’s believed the Amazon stores over half of the earth’s rain Water? The trees draw water from the forest floor and release it back into the atmosphere. Without rainforest continually recycling huge quantities of water, feeding the rivers, lakes and irrigation systems, droughts would become more common, potentially leading to widespread famine and disease.

Did you know Indigenous people have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years using the forest for shelter, food and medicine?  When oil and logging companies come to remove trees they carry diseases the indigenous people have no resistance to which has threatened their survival.

Did you know tropical rainforest took between 60 and 100 million years to evolve?  They are believed to be the oldest and most complex land based ecosystem on earth. They are also home to 30 million species of plants and animals.  That’s half of the earth’s wildlife and at least two-thirds of its plant species, And so much more.♡

♡ Now we just need to plan a trip to the Amazon ♡

-Love you guys and I hope you’re having a blessed week.

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