The word became human

Today I want to share with everyone John 1:1-5. With this piece of scripture I want to discuss three main points.  The first point I want to clarify is why John wrote the way he did in this scripture.  Secondly I want to discuss is why we are nothing without God, and my last point I want to communicate is why darkness can never overcome the light.  With these points I want to give a clear understanding on who our creator is and through Jesus Christ everything was created.  Now if you’re ready to take this short journey with me, lets begin!

John 1:1-5

In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He existed in the beginning with God. 3 Through him all things were made, and apart from him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life brought light to humanity. 5 And the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

When John wrote this scripture, he did not write it as a biography like Luke did.  He wrote to both Jews and Gentiles.  The credibility of his words was the basic fact that he was one of Jesus 12 disciples and he was an eye witness to Jesus’s miracles and the type of teacher He is.  Many of the people in John’s audience were Greek by descent which believed in many types of gods.  John had to explain to them not only why our creator was different from their gods, but why He was superior to them as well.  When John starts off by speaking about “the word,” he was using it as an agent of creation and that agent was our God.  The Jews of his time found it blasphemous of the mere idea that Jesus was God in the flesh.  To them “the word became human” was impossible, but as many of us today know it was not.  John knew that Jesus was the good news and wanted to share it with everyone.  John wanted to share with his audience that Jesus was with God in the beginning and through Him everything was created.  This is why John wrote this piece of scripture the way that he did.

In the third verse of this scripture, John was explaining that God created everything from nothing.  Since we are created by God, we are all created beings.  By understanding this how can we be prideful against the one who created us?  This is a humbling statement when he made it.  He was reminding everyone that we only exist because God let us exist.  Any gifts that we may have is only because God allows it because He gave them to us.  With this basis understanding we know that without God we are truly nothing.  What is a clay jar without the one who spun it out of clay and baked it to harden it?  Without the creator a jar is simply pointless.  So a life without God is a wasted one and we should always lean on Him for everything.

Lastly I want to discuss the last part of the scripture I shared with you all today.  Darkness can never overcome the light.  Where there is light, darkness has nowhere to hide.  Jesus Christ is the creator of mankind and through His light none of our sins can ever be truly hidden.  Only through Jesus can we all see ourselves for who we truly are, sinners.  Without Jesus’s light, we are simply walking around in the darkness of our sins hoping for the best in life. However, Jesus lights our path and makes it clear for us if we accept Him into our lives and hearts.  Not only that, but through His sacrifice, He washes away our sins and leaves us as clean as white snow.  

Since Jesus gives us this opportunity to be created anew, darkness can never truly win in our lives.  This is why Jesus has already won the battle for us all and through His scars we have already won against the darkness.  We are all called to follow His example and help others by shining His light through us.  We do this by our words and actions and showing people nothing other than love, patience and understanding.  

There is a lot we can learn from this piece of scripture because it holds the basic truths of Christianity itself.  I pray that this lesson helps start the fire up again in everyone’s heart to pick up your bible and read not only this scripture, but much more.  I am far from perfect, but everyday I chose to be better than I was yesterday.  I can only do that by following the blueprints left for us by God in His word.  Now I also pray that everyone hold on to the truth and light in Jesus Christ and allow all your burdens to fall upon Him.  Nothing is too much for our savior!  So cast your worries upon Him and keep moving forward.  God bless you all!


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