Children’s Museum 

Thursday we had the chance to meet up with our friends Dan, Laura and their sweet boy Eli again. This visit their nieces who are also homeschoolers and Laura’s mom also joined in for this adventure  ♡

We all went to the Discovery Museum, the kids had an absolute blast. The museum had a tiny town with everything to include a bank, a restaurant, a grocery store, a news station, an ambulance and so much more. The kids all had the opportunity to work at each of the stores, which had real working cash registers, play food and plenty of children to make the town complete. They also had the opportunity to be news anchors and bank tellers.

They were able to shop and take advantage of the town stores by using their (play) credit cards. Each credit card started with $20 play money. They earned paychecks and even learned to do deposits at the bank’s ATM to earn more money.

Of course they also got to dress like scientists, play in a lab, mess around with snap circuits, play around with electricity, dance around virtual mats, climb on a 3 story playscape and so much more. ♡  We have so many museums and fun field trips planned for this year lord willing of course… We can’t wait… We will be visiting an off shore oil rig this week so stay tuned ♡ I hope you’re all having a blessed and wonderful week ♡♡♡ 


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