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Today I want to share the interaction between Nicodemus and Jesus Christ.  Nicodemus was a religious leader and a Pharisee.  However, unlike the other Pharisees, he went up to Jesus and called him “rabbi” or teacher because he acknowledged that God sent Jesus to the people.  Nicodemus knew that God was with Jesus.  He feared meeting Jesus in public because of what the other religious leaders would think of him.  So he meet him at night.  Then they commence to have the following conversation:

John 3:3-7

Jesus replied, ‘I am telling you what is true. Unless a person is born from above, they cannot see God’s kingdom.’ 4  Nicodemus asked, ‘How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot return into his mother’s body. He cannot be born a second time.’ 5  Jesus explained, ‘I am telling you what is true. Unless a person is born by water and by God’s Spirit, he cannot go into God’s kingdom. 6  Human people give birth to what is human. But God’s Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7  I said to you, “You must be born from above.” What I said should not surprise you.

Nicodemus knew that the world was ruled by God, that it would be restored on earth and it would incorporate God’s chosen people.  Jesus was revealing to him that the kingdom of heaven would come to the entire world and not just the Jews.  Jesus even told this devout Pharisee that he would not be a part of the kingdom of heaven unless he was born again.  To Nicodemus this was a new revelation and left him confused.  This was due to the belief system of the Jews before Jesus.  They thought since they were God’s chosen people they would automatically enter the kingdom and have God’s favor.  For the Jews it was their ethic background that would get them into heaven, but this was not being told it was not true.

Jesus was teaching him that the way into heaven does not have to do with where your from or your ethnic background.  Jesus taught that the only way into heaven was with sincere repentance and a personal spiritual rebirth. The cleansing of the water in baptism represented the cleaning actions of the Holy Spirit and all needed to be born not from the flesh, but reborn from the spirit.

Titus 3:5-7

Twas not for deeds that we had done, but by his steadfast love alone, he saved us through a second birth, renewed us by the Spirit’s work, 6  and poured him out upon us, too, through Jesus the Messiah our Savior true. 7  And so, made heirs by his own grace, eternal life we now embrace.

Jesus had to teach the people that just trying to live a good life will not get you to heaven.  Each and everyone of us have to be spiritually reborn because God is of spirit and not flesh.  When Jesus ascended unto heaven, He promised to send the Holy Spirit to be among all mankind.  Jesus did not have to do this, but gave us all the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide each and everyone of us.

So please remember this gift, not only did Jesus give himself for the remissions of our sins, but gave us a spiritual guide for our daily lives.  Don’t take this gift for granted and pray often for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your actions and help you live a godly life by bringing the scriptures found in the bible into life not only in our minds, but our hearts.  Only this way can we truly live a godly life!

I pray that this lesson helps someone today and please have a blessed day.