National Museum of Nuclear Science!

So I am really excited to share this one with all of you. While traveling we stopped in Albuquerque NM to visit some of the local museums. Mostly to visit the National Museum of Nuclear Science. A place we have longed to visit for a very long time now. 

As we entered it was hard to keep up with the kids they where all over the place. Mom, Dad look at this, look at that. Finally we get to a replica of a nuclear lab, where they have a employee staged to answer questions and explain what exactly we where looking at. They replicated this lab so exact that a huge electric cord was in the center of the floor. The employee was so knowledgeable and patient with the kids and their questions. 

As we moved on “OH MY GOSH DAD, MOM IT’S A BOMB”. Haha the only place and time we would be excited to hear these words! We all rush around the corner to find the two bombs that where dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The kids have learned about this but nothing can be more informative than seeing how a bomb is made then a bomb itself. Then we walk up on the “Gadget” the first atomic bomb. It was a plutonium implosion-type device similar to the bomb used in Nagasaki .Turn the next corner and it’s photos and artifacts from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s emotional and hard to look at some of this but also important to educate our children in a way that they see and understand our history.

As we continued in this museum, we saw probably 20 different bombs, missiles, planes, and tanks. Outside the kids were able to really get up close to the missiles as you can see in the photos. 

Do any of you remember watching back to the future? Another surprise was turning a corner and seeing the Delorean sitting there!

This museum also had a kids corner with a robotic Einstein that interacted with them and taught them about physics. 

Overall after waiting 3 years to visit this museum it did not disappoint, it actually was way more than we expected. My oldest son who is 17yr swears our visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science was the best day of his life. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and please enjoy our family’s pictures. 

Love, Amy

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