Off shore oil rigs!

When your learning about the oil industry while road schooling, an offshore oil rig becomes your classroom. The kids learned first hand the history of the oil industry, about various oils rigs used in the past and present, different everyday objects that are made with oil, and what life is like living on an oil rig. Visiting this place, physically holding the drill bits used to drill for oil, seeing the rig and all of the machinery also getting to dress like one of the riggers really gave the kids a bigger and clear perspective along with the importance of the oil industry. 

I remember learning about the oil industry in school and it was so boring. To see my children take turns holding the smallest drill bit used for drilling grunting due to its weight. To see them dress in the attire and walk around the ship like they where the coolest kids on the ship. To see their excitement when we turn the corner and the underwater suit used to do work on the drills is right there. To see them snapping photos and selfies with it because they thought it was so awesome. They even had the chance to see a submarine, a riggers bedroom and their dinner menu. My kids where so intrigued and absorbed in their surroundings. I know my kids will forever remember their experience on this rig and see the oil industry in an entirely different view than I did by learning about it in a classroom.

I hope all of you have a blessed and wonderful week. 

Love, Amy


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