Hey everyone! I have been getting everything ready for the establishment of my small traveling church. I have established the church’s constitution and bylaws. I have also established the methods of my ministry. 

The reason why I am starting this church is to have a platform to help more people and church’s as we travel. My family and I strongly believe that the backbone of the discipleship making process is small relational groups. We want to travel and help other church’s and community’s do this to practically fulfill Jesus’ command to go forth and make disciples! (Matthew 28:16-20).

Since I am going to school full time and I volunteer whenever the Lord opens the door, we need assistance in funding the initial $3500 for the legal start up costs and initial church supplies.

I pray that you all can help me spread the word about Walking By Faith Missions Church and help me with my fundraisering if the Lord puts it in your heart. The link for donations is as follows: 


Also, please tell me what you think about my logo and if you all know of any churches needing help, please feel free to give then our information.

Thank you all for your time!


Chaplain Ramon A Diaz