Walking By Faith Missions Church update!

We finally have the church’s website up and running and I would appreciate it if everyone will visit it and let me know what you think. We have the blog linked to the website as well. Here are some of the pictures!


7 thoughts on “Walking By Faith Missions Church update!

    1. Thank you brother. I’m back in seminary myself… I’m working on my M.A.R. through Liberty University. Where did you go? Sorry for not posting a devotional last week. School had been taking a toll on me. I will post one tomorrow though and look forward to the feed back and fellowship.

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          1. I understand. I went on to the M. Div. because I wanted more options for doctoral work. At this stage in life with student loan debt, I am not going to further my education. I am considering getting Clinical Pastoral Education to have open doors for various forms of chaplaincy.


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