We have been blessed to stay in Ronan, Montana for the past two months. We have three weeks left and we are sad that we have to leave. We have made some amazing friendships and built stronger connections with the people of this community. 

We were blessed to have helped the amazing youth at Light House Christian Fellowship. We were also able to build a close friendship with the staff and they will be missed when we leave. 

We will miss Gabe and Leah’s Bible studies. Hanging out with Larry and Debi and their wonderful daughters Joleah and Angela. We will also miss the Tribal Waves team members and our softball team. 

I will also miss Chuck and his wife Linda. Chuck is a former Marine Sergeant. He walked across the US amd raised almost $100,000 for disabled veterans. We hit it off because leather necks stabd together. We had an amazing double date at the lake. I was thought how to paddle board and we had an amazing meal!

It brings a joy to my heart to see so many people serving their community cheerfully as Light House Christian Fellowship and the local YWAM base, both ran by Pastor Sika.

Our ministry is looking forward to coming back and serving next year. I pray all is well with everyone and please tell us how you are serving your community!