Giving Until it Hurts

While conducting my Bible study today, I really began to reflect on Mark 12:41-44. In this piece of Scripture, Jesus sat down near the collection box in the temple. He was watching the people placing their tithes into the collection box and saw a poor widow give two small coins into the box. Then, Jesus called his disciples to him and told them that others were tithing a tiny amount of their surplus, however, the poor widow gave all that she had to live on. I sat back and thought to myself, am I giving everything that I have to live on?

The people gave all types of coins. They gave gold and silver and the poor widow gave two “lepta.” A lepton was the smallest bronze Jewish coin in circulation in Palestine. These two coins were a fraction of a penny today. She could have held back one coin, even though Rabbinic rules stated that offering less than two lepta was not accepted as a charity gift (legalistic). By giving all that she had, she entrusted all she had to live on to God and trusted Him to provide for her needs. The amount of trust that widow portrayed in front of Jesus was immense. She truly gave a sacrificial offering that day.

As Christians, we should consider contributing more than just a tithe. I am not just talking about money, but your time or talents to a point beyond convenience or comfort. When we are able to break out of our “comfort zone,” and give until it hurts, we are outwardly pouring out God’s love that resides within us. Like the poor widow, we must rely on the provisions the Lord gives us and the provisions in the future we will be blessed to have. If we hold back from the Lord, whether it is our funds, time or talents, how can we expect His blessing to overflow in our lives? To give and serve others allows us to focus God and not ourselves. When this happens, a beautiful thing starts to happen. We start to grow in faith, trust, and begin to mature spiritually. I write this because in the end of the day, we cannot take our treasures with us into heaven. But the people we bless and impact their lives in the glorification of God will always be rewarded. It is written, “the one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped,” (Proverbs 11:25).

I pray that today’s devotional leaves everyone questioning if they are doing enough. I feel like I can give more to my community, family, and God. I pray that everyone comes to the same conclusion. Since we are supposed to emulate Jesus Christ, who gave His all for all mankind, shouldn’t we at least get uncomfortable with our giving?

Please tell me what you think about this post and lets build a dialog on how we can help our community!


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