Sibling Rivalry

While reading my daily devotional on Romans chapter 14, I started to think about when I was a child still living at home. When I was a kid growing up, I lived in a house full of girls. I had three sisters that used to torture me. I don’t believe that they did the things they did to me out of evil intentions, but the things they did to me hurt my feelings at times and my confidence. Even though we were siblings, at times I really disliked them. Often, I would just leave the house or isolate myself to not be around them at all. However, as we all grew older and matured, we started to help one another, especially if they were having a bad day.  

The reason why I am sharing this story of my childhood with you is that like biological siblings, you should not dislike or even hate your spiritual siblings. Those who partake in the same grace as you and me should never be hated. In Romans 14:7-13, Paul is teaching about this very issue. Every Christian is different. Some are stronger in their walk than others, however, we are all brothers and sisters through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Like how I handled the situations with my siblings at a young age, many Christians today have a habit of isolating themselves from other believers because they are different or because they have done something they did not like. It could be something as simple as judging their life because they are not acting as they should be.  

However, there are three simple things I would like to share with everyone today that the Holy Spirit placed in my heart while reading this chapter of the book of Romans. Firstly, no true Christian lives for themselves. We are to live a life pleasing to God and serving others. Secondly, as Christians, we should always remember that each one of us is going to give account to the Lord for our individual actions. Often, when we rashly judge others without knowing why they are doing what they are doing. When we do this, we can become a stumbling block for them. When we judge one another, it causes animosity towards both parties and will cause one of the two parties to eventually isolate themselves from the other. They could even leave the church if they feel that they are being judged. This brings me to my last point, before we as Christians say or do anything, we should keep in mind that our thoughts and our actions can directly influence how another person treats another. So, we should always focus on being positive and helping someone that we see as struggling. Just keep in mind that you were once the person struggling and someone gave you a loving hand instead of a pointed finger.  

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