Being Debt Free

In the current state of the United States, the average American dies with an average debt of $61,000. Many times, this debt is not of our own but placed upon us by family members and the inconsistency of the economy. Now, imagine that you are one of these Americans barely being able to pay your bills and feed your family. You are literally barely treading water and then someone that loves you comes up to you and tells you that he or she is going to pay off not only all the debt you owe but cover your debt until the day you die. What an amazing thought! I don’t know about you but I would be floored knowing that my debts were completely covered. I would feel like I would be starting a new chapter of my life. A chapter free of anxiety, depression, and the personal insecurities of where my next meal will be coming from.

Paul teaches us this very thing in Colossians 2:13-15. Paul teaches us that when a person is baptized, they are spiritually buried with Christ. This is a covenant similar to the Old Testament covenant of circumcision. Being dead to the flesh and alive through Christ Jesus allows Him to cancel out all the debt that we owe our Heavenly Father through our lifetime of transgressions against Him. What Paul is teaching is that we can be confident that we can live a life free of the debt that we accumulated through our sins. Christ has paid the price! Just like an American that just had $61,000 of debt paid off by someone who loves them, Christ paid that debt when He was nailed to the cross.

How much happier can we be than knowing that our eternity is secure in Christ? For it is through Christ that we are forgiven and able to be made righteous through our faith in Him. We all have the ability to enter the Kingdom of Heaven through Christ. What a wonderful thing to rejoice about. However, like a person that just had their entire life worth of debt paid off, we have an obligation to change our perspective of the world. Our anxiety, our depression, and our insecurities must also be left at the foot of the cross. When we accepted Christ and His gift of life everlasting, we also accepted that our minds had to be changed as well as our soul.

The purpose of this message is simple. If your life is made debt free because of Jesus, live like it. Allow the fruits of the Spirit, especially the fruits of joy, peace, and love to overflow in your mind and spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). As believers, if you continue to walk around like you owe such a large amount of debt, did you truly allow Christ to pay it for you? So get encouraged! We are all free of debt and should live a life worthy of the sacrifice that allowed us to have this freedom. We cost Jesus too much to continue living a life of defeat when we have already won, and have been made righteous through Him.

I would like to finish this message with a prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to cancel all of the debt that was held over our head because of our own sinful actions and thoughts. Thank you for allowing us to find freedom through the cross. Father, I want to pray over all of my brothers and sisters that are still living a life of defeat. I pray that they can lift their heads up high and understand that the heaviness of their life has already been handled because of Jesus. I pray for the renewal of not only our hearts and souls but of our minds. Since the enemy knows that we are weakest through the lies we tell ourselves, he uses our minds against us, and makes us feel like we are still a slave to our debt. I pray that we can allow the Holy Spirit to remind us all that we are not only free of debt but able to live a life worthy of this gift. Amen.


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