It all boils down to one thing!

During this last week, my children and I have started back on our daily Bible readings. We are currently reading the book of Matthew. However, today’s message is directly from chapter six. It was very interesting to hear my children’s replies on what they believed the Scripture meant. Some of their replies were funny and others were very spiritually mature answers. This not only brought about a joy to my heart of their engagement of our Bible readings but that they are understanding it so they can properly apply it to their lives. To be honest, understanding how to properly apply the Scriptures into our lives is the most important thing a Christian must be able to do, and as I boiled down the teachings of Jesus to my children with one simple word, I would like to do the same with you all today.

In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus touches up on a lot of subjects with a very simple yet profound example. He begins with speaking to His audience about not being hypocrites and doing good deeds in front of people because their praise will be the only gift that you will get (Matthew 6:1-4). He expands on this message by telling His audience that our Heavenly Father sees what we do in secret and will reward us for the good deeds that we do in secret. Then, Jesus continues His message about praying in public with long prayers, once again, He is expressing to not do these things to get the praises of people in public (Matthew 6:4-16). Within this section, Jesus teaches us how to pray and most importantly to forgive those who have sinned against us because we seek God’s forgiveness for the sins that we have committed against Him. However, Jesus is not finished teaching! Jesus continues to speak to His audience about anxiety and having the proper perspectives (spiritual sight) in life (Matthew 6:17-34). There are so many practical applications for every verse of this chapter, but I boiled the entire chapter down to one word for my children. That word was “humility.”

As you are reading chapter six, and if you keep in mind that all Christians are supposed to emulate Jesus’ character and teachings, every single thing that He was teaching can be boiled down to acting with a Christ-like humility. When Jesus is speaking about seeking the praise of others by doing good deeds and telling everyone around you about it, He is simply saying that a “humble” person would not care about what people think of them. A humble person cares about meeting someone else’s needs before their own because it is what Christ would do. How many times in the Scriptures does Jesus heal someone and tell them “don’t tell anyone?” This my friends is what I call “humility in action.” Then, as Jesus continues speaking about how we pray in public, He is not speaking against corporate prayer, simply not to drag out your prayers so people will stop focusing on God and start focusing on your words. God knows what we need before we start our prayers (Matthew 6:8). A humble person always directs people towards God and never towards themselves. Lastly, a humble person is always a servant of the Lord. They honestly have nothing to worry about because they are content with the daily provisions the Lord has provided them with, and they trust that God will continue to provide them. With this trust, they honestly have nothing to worry about in their lives (I am speaking directly towards daily minimum needs).

Ultimately, a person with Christ-like humility understands their place and role in the kingdom of God while living in this world. They understand that their needs do not go before the needs of their brothers and sisters. They understand that every opportunity they have in life should be to glorify the Father and not themselves. A person with this kind of humility never walks through life by their own strength but through the strength of the Holy Spirit within them, because God is living inside of them. The reason why this message is so important is that only the people with this type of humility will have a guaranteed place in the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:4). At the end of the day, all Christians should be striving to live with this type of humility that was shown to us by Jesus.

I always like to end my messages with a short prayer. Heavenly Father, please give us the wisdom to understand our own actions and the conviction to change our ways. If we are living in a manner that goes against your Son’s teachings, please show us the error of our ways today before it is too late to reconcile with you. I pray if anyone’s pride is keeping them from seeing their faults that you open their eyes to the truth Father. I pray that everyone today can receive this message and apply it to their life to not only better themselves but strengthen your kingdom. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen!


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