Lessons from an English Butler

These 3 are excited they had the opportunity to attend Butler School with some of the locals. As we travel everyone keeps telling us all of the popular tourist places to visit. Though those ideas are a kind gesture (and we do visit some), I really haven’t felt drawn to being a tourist. The Lord has us on a journey I can’t describe, one I’m not truthfully positive that I know what the plan is. What I do know is we feel called to connect. Connect with the culture and the locals, trying to learn from them and see life not as an American on a grand journey but as a family trying to see life through another cultures eyes. When we started this journey I had an idea what the Lord was doing, however, let me tell you that we have been so beautifully humbled.

Yes, nothing I thought would fall into place (before we jumped on a plane with all that we will own in backpacks on our backs) happened. Things we thought would happen or be open doors shut while others flew wide open. This was a great reminder that we are not in control and this experience will be a beautiful one. We are not called to be like tourist and fit in with those around us yet embrace the path laid before us always looking for places to connect and grow. These sweet kids of mine were the only non locals attending Butler School. It’s funny how much the locals knew about being a Butler and my kids only know about Alfred (Batman’s Butler). Experiences like these is what we feel drawn to. It is also beautiful to see these guys not phased by these cultures but get so excited to dive in and learn from them. In a world with so much segregation it’s beautiful to connect like this. Not just as a culture but so many opportunities to connect spiritually with locals really brings us with a world wide view on society.

Below are some of the pictures from our family adventure at the Butler School.

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