Exploring England and the Holy Island!

Hello everyone! The family and I were able to visit the Holy Island of England. This location is where Christianity was brought to Britain. It was such a great visit and we all had a blast and learned a lot. I just wanted to share with you all some of our pictures from this home school field trip!

If you have any questions about traveling this area please contact us. We would love to share our experiences (both good and bad) with you all.

2 thoughts on “Exploring England and the Holy Island!

  1. Love Lindisfarne! I’m from Teesside, so not a million miles away. Christianity will have originally arrived in Britain with the Romans, but once the pagan Anglo Saxons took over, it was Celtic Christians who established a base at Lindisfarne to introduce Christianity back. Then the Vikings devastated Lindisfarne, but they too largely succumbed to Christ. It’s fascinating how each successive wave of immigrants to the British Isles often largely embraced Christianity- oh that it would be so amongst the South Asian origin communities as well, especially! Thanks for the post, and enjoy your time 🙂


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