About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Ramon Diaz . I am a medically separated Marine that is blessed to travel full time around the US with my wonderful wife and four children. We are a home-school family and we enjoy the beauty the Lord surrounds us with, Traveling, Adventures, Photography, and meeting such amazing people. I have learned since living on the road since 2014 , many weekends come and pass and we are no where near a church or passing through and have no time to search for one. There are so many families that live this lifestyle rather full time travel, or always on the go that fall into this same situation which results in not getting fed spiritually and not having a place to fellowship. When I was medically separated and forced to choose my home or our RV (meant for recreational use) as a home, but I had faith God had a plan as we downsized a family of 6 into a 36ft RV. 

Then I started seminary school, it happened so fast I didn’t know what I was going to do with my Diploma of Ministry, or where it was leading me just that this must be apart of a bigger plan. Between seminary school and currently working on my Masters of Arts in Religion, I have learned so much and would love to share and help others with their spiritual walk/daily struggles/questions/guidance or prayers. I would personally enjoy making my blog a option for people like my family who live on the go to have place to fellowship. Since my path has lead me to full time traveling, I feel lead to share what I learned to create a place for fellowship and share my adventures with those who are interested.

I am an Ordained Emergency Services Chaplain  and a member of the Evangelistic Association of United Christian Faith Ministries. I am also a Ministry Training Ambassador for Christian Leaders Institute (CLI).

I have just finished my first year of Liberty University’s M.A.R. in Community Chaplaincy program.

As I travel if anyone is in need of my assistance in baptisms, participating in communion or in any other volunteer ministries, I would love to help you.  

Please have a blessed day!