About Us

My family and I have been traveling full-time since August 2014. During that time, I was medically separated from the Marine Corps and we lost over 60% of our income. I went from being an active duty Staff Sergeant to trying to recover from two major surgeries (kidney failure and a 3rd major shoulder surgery). Then to top our situation off, my wife was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia and was bedridden for three months. You can say it was a pretty crappy year (what we thought then).

So, we were losing the house after trying to save it for months, and my wife came up with the idea that we could move into our RV. We looked at the financial implications of this move and we could support our family if we moved into the RV, so we did it. Then, my wife told me that we had a small house on wheels and that we should make the best of our situation. This idea was to start traveling through the US and we began this journey that November.

Since then, we have traveled and lived in 31 states in four years, to include living in Canada for three months. We have enjoyed homeschooling our children and traveling so much that we have chosen to travel the world now. We are currently traveling through Europe for the next couple of years and we just wanted to share our family’s journey and how God is guiding our steps. Since our family does daily Bible studies, we would like o to share a small devotional or two a week that is based on the discussions of our studies.

We pray that you will enjoy our journey and that our faith in the Lord will positively impact your lives!