Happy Thanksgiving!

I pray that everyone was able to spend the day and enjoy their families. As we were eating today, we were notified that two families with their children crashed into each other head on. There were two deaths and the rest of the occupants were taken to the hospital. 

This really made me think, because my son’s next thing he said was that “he prayed that they all had accepted Jesus into their lives.” This really knocked me off my feet and then we prayed for the Lord to put a healing hand on those heart and comfort for the family who lost one of their own today.

We can never truly know when we are going to be taken back to our Heavenly Father, and this situation really sank that idea home for me. So, please enjoy your family during these holidays, but please take some time and share a little bit about Jesus with your loved ones. You can never know if they will be taken, and when they are, we want them to be ready and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I also hope that some silent prayers can go on tonight for these two families that had something horrible happen to them.

May God bless you All!

Pastor Diaz

Yellowstone National Park!

My family and I had a rough time leaving our friends and the extended family we made in Montana. So, on our drive back down to Texas, we stopped by for a day at Yellowstone. Last time we visited Yellowstone, there were crowds of people and we could not enjoy the park. This time the park was almost empty. It was truly a blessing to enjoy the park without fighting through crowds of people.

We made this small clip to share our experience with everyone.  Please enjoy and have a blessed day.

Idaho Family Visit!

We have been blessed to take a couple of days off and visit our extended Marine Corps family in Sandpoint, Idaho. Their family built their cabin together as a family with their two youngest sons (bug boy and chicken whisper). 

I am sharing with everyone a small video of our three days there and some additional pictures. Please enjoy and please have a blessed day!

A blessed date!

About two weeks ago, my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful date. It was to celebrate 11 years of loving each other in marriage. 

For many who do not know, my wife has lupus and fybromiaga. I also have a multitude of medical problems due to my service in the Marine Corps. 

However, thanks to the glory of God we both were well enough to do a small obstacle course together and did a lot of team work to get through it. At the end, we were exhausted and sore. But we made it and enjoyed every minute of it.

I just wanted to share this wonderful experience we had with our extended family (you guys!). 

Please let us know if you have any upcoming dates or anaversaries that you would like to let us know about. 

God bless you all and thank you for following and supporting my family and Walking By Faith Missions Church!