Exploring Ireland!

Sorry for the late blog post, we have been recording our memories and starting a YouTube channel where we are posting them. This is the link for our first week exploring Ireland, and if you want to follow our adventures, please do so and subscribe.

Traveling in the UK

Hey everyone, sorry we have not posted as much as we were, we have been traveling throughout England and Scotland. We have taken a ton of photos and wanted to just share a couple with you. We have successfully reached each coast and have learned a lot about Airbnb’s, car hires in the UK, grocery stores, and much more. If you have any questions about traveling with children, homeschooling on the go, or just want to ask us questions, please contact us because we would love to help you! We have made some wonderful friends and had some wonderful adventures we would love to share with you all. Until then, here is some wonderful pictures for you to enjoy.

Exploring England and the Holy Island!

Hello everyone! The family and I were able to visit the Holy Island of England. This location is where Christianity was brought to Britain. It was such a great visit and we all had a blast and learned a lot. I just wanted to share with you all some of our pictures from this home school field trip!

If you have any questions about traveling this area please contact us. We would love to share our experiences (both good and bad) with you all.

Lessons from an English Butler

These 3 are excited they had the opportunity to attend Butler School with some of the locals. As we travel everyone keeps telling us all of the popular tourist places to visit. Though those ideas are a kind gesture (and we do visit some), I really haven’t felt drawn to being a tourist. The Lord has us on a journey I can’t describe, one I’m not truthfully positive that I know what the plan is. What I do know is we feel called to connect. Connect with the culture and the locals, trying to learn from them and see life not as an American on a grand journey but as a family trying to see life through another cultures eyes. When we started this journey I had an idea what the Lord was doing, however, let me tell you that we have been so beautifully humbled.

Yes, nothing I thought would fall into place (before we jumped on a plane with all that we will own in backpacks on our backs) happened. Things we thought would happen or be open doors shut while others flew wide open. This was a great reminder that we are not in control and this experience will be a beautiful one. We are not called to be like tourist and fit in with those around us yet embrace the path laid before us always looking for places to connect and grow. These sweet kids of mine were the only non locals attending Butler School. It’s funny how much the locals knew about being a Butler and my kids only know about Alfred (Batman’s Butler). Experiences like these is what we feel drawn to. It is also beautiful to see these guys not phased by these cultures but get so excited to dive in and learn from them. In a world with so much segregation it’s beautiful to connect like this. Not just as a culture but so many opportunities to connect spiritually with locals really brings us with a world wide view on society.

Below are some of the pictures from our family adventure at the Butler School.

Hinxton Village England

Our family has finally made it safe to England. There is a lot of learning that is occurring ranging from driving on a different side of the road to relearning how to drive manual (without my family being terrified, even though I have enjoyed the quite drives lol). There is so much history in this location and we are about to start exploring and venturing out tomorrow.

It had been a blessing to live this life with my children and teaching them the true meaning of walking by faith. Often times I get asked how we minister as we travel and to be honest, it is easy. Our family is our ministry. The way we love, care, and build one another up is what brings people to us to know why we are the way we are. Then, we simply tell them about how Jesus Christ changed our lives. We teach our children that people should know they are Christians by their actions, not their words. We teach them that God is all around us want us to live a victorious life and to share His love with others.

I pray that you all enjoy our first batch of pictures!

Leaving Athens!

My family and I have truly enjoyed the scenery and fellowship that we have found in Athens, Greece. Tomorrow is our last day of exploring and then we are headed to the UK for four to five months. As we travel around the UK, we will be sharing pictures and our stories with you all. Please continue to pray for our outreach and our safety while traveling abroad for this next couple of years.

Here are a couple of pictures from our last week here in Athens. Please enjoy!

Our first week in Athens!

I just wanted to share a little about our experiences in Athens this far. Our children have really enjoyed the sights near our apartment. We have seen many sights and have met some truly kind people. The food and… Coffee are amazing! We have visited the Socrates prison, Athena’s temple, Zeus’s temple, and the Acropolis.

We are looking forward to the next week or so we have left in Athens and sharing our experiences with you all.