Leaving Malta

My family and I are very sad to leave Malta tomorrow morning. We head to Athens for a couple of weeks and look forward to making new memories. However, Malta will be missed. Malta has been the only place that has made our family feel at home, similar to how Okinawa did. The people were friendly and amazing (it helps that they speak English) and there is something free to do around every corner.

These are some pictures that I wanted to share with you all from yesterday!


Silema, Malta

We are sad to say that we leave Malta in a few days. Our family has really enjoyed the scenery and how nice the people are here in Malta. So, we just wanted to share some of our favorite pictures that we have taken around Malta. Please enjoy and if you have any question about this country, traveling abroad with children, or just want to say hello, please feel free to leave a comment!

Exploring Malta

My family and I have now been in Europe for almost two months. Since we started our trip in Rome, we could not fly our drone to take pictures and videos. However, we are now in Malta and I wanted to share a little of what we are blessed to see for the next three weeks.

I originally started this blog to share my family’s adventures as we travel and minister to whoever the Lord places in our path. But then life happened and I ended up writing more devotionals that sharing my family updates. I apologize for that and I want to start sharing a little more about our journey (with devotionals) .

Please enjoy the pictures and the video that my wife and I made last night!

Visiting Rome!

For many of you that are new followers, my family and I have been roadschooling our kids and traveling full-time for four years now. The Lord opened the door for us to world school our children and travel throughout Europe. So far, we have been living in Rome near the Coliseum for two weeks. We just wanted to share some of our pictures of exploring the immediate area. As we venture out and meet new people in new locations, I would love to share our experiences with you. So far, the food has been amazing and the people have been friendly. We have truly been enjoying our surroundings!

Our Canadian Trip

I wanted to share with everyone a short clip of one of my family’s most memorable experiences in Canada. We were blessed to get blow up kayaks for a great price. We definitely got our money’s worth the first time we used them.

This is one of many videos that we will begin to share with everyone. Starting November 25th we will be heading to Rome. We will be world schooling our three remaining children at home while attempting to start an overseas outreach program across Europe for a couple of years.

So stay tuned for more updates and videos on my family’s journey to walk by faith and do what the Lord is calling us to do as a family.

If anyone has any insights on traveling abroad, please leave me a comment and some travel tips. God bless you all and I pray that our family can be a light as we continue traveling and sharing Christ’s love through our actions.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I pray that everyone was able to spend the day and enjoy their families. As we were eating today, we were notified that two families with their children crashed into each other head on. There were two deaths and the rest of the occupants were taken to the hospital. 

This really made me think, because my son’s next thing he said was that “he prayed that they all had accepted Jesus into their lives.” This really knocked me off my feet and then we prayed for the Lord to put a healing hand on those heart and comfort for the family who lost one of their own today.

We can never truly know when we are going to be taken back to our Heavenly Father, and this situation really sank that idea home for me. So, please enjoy your family during these holidays, but please take some time and share a little bit about Jesus with your loved ones. You can never know if they will be taken, and when they are, we want them to be ready and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I also hope that some silent prayers can go on tonight for these two families that had something horrible happen to them.

May God bless you All!

Pastor Diaz