Our Family

This is my wonderful family! My wife is Amy, and our four children are Kyle (19), Jordan (15), Elijah (13), and Katelyne (10). Kyle is not in this picture because he could not travel overseas with us. Nevertheless, Amy is the brains behind our travels. She sets the budget and figures out the best modes of transportation and lodging. So, if anyone has questions about the logistics of traveling full-time or living overseas, she is the best person to speak to. Jordan is an amateur videographer and photographer. He enjoys everything that is artistic. Elijah loves to wood etch and to take pictures. He has a small online business that sells his creations. Lastly, there is Katelyne. She enjoys to make plans with her mom and to sing! Seriously, she does it every waking minute of the day! I am just happy that I love to hear her sing.

I pray that you enjoy watching our journey!