A blessed date!

About two weeks ago, my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful date. It was to celebrate 11 years of loving each other in marriage. 

For many who do not know, my wife has lupus and fybromiaga. I also have a multitude of medical problems due to my service in the Marine Corps. 

However, thanks to the glory of God we both were well enough to do a small obstacle course together and did a lot of team work to get through it. At the end, we were exhausted and sore. But we made it and enjoyed every minute of it.

I just wanted to share this wonderful experience we had with our extended family (you guys!). 

Please let us know if you have any upcoming dates or anaversaries that you would like to let us know about. 

God bless you all and thank you for following and supporting my family and Walking By Faith Missions Church!

I will!

♡♡♡My home on wheels ♡♡♡ Home is wherever we are together. I’m so grateful the place we are together (our home) allows us the freedom to live, freedom from bondage, freedom to see life in a different view, freedom to live a life outside of societies cliche norm. , and freedom to experience culturally and geographically different places that instill a more broad view of the beauty that fills this world. ♡♡♡ I’ve heard so many say I want to, but make no plans or effort. I encourage everyone to take a step towards your dreams even if it doesn’t involve a nomadic lifestyle. Don’t start this new year with ( I want, I wish, and a bunch of excuses ) Start this New year with ( I WILL ) If you really want it you don’t give up, you find a way ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I love You and pray you all have a blessed week -Amy

Goodbye 2016!


2016 has been quite the year. Kyle my oldest son finished his certs to be a Full Stack Web developer, My hubby finished seminary and was certified as a Emergency service Chaplain. This year was also the first year we ventured all over the US. Seeing 12 different states we Fished in rivers, swam in the ocean, climbed in the mountains and hiked in the forest. Met new friends and taste new foods. Enjoyed roller sliding in White Fish and relaxed in hot springs. Rock hounded in the desert and survived the heat. Played in the snow and didn’t freeze. Helped a community rebuild and church and always kept an open heart.We got to explore Zion, Bryce, yellowstone and Glacier national park. The kids got to ride the Happy Hippo  and eat huckleberry for the first time. We reunited with friends from Okinawa Japan and met others who live on the road just like us .

The kids learned about Dams and attended their first hot air balloon festival. They played putt putt in Wyoming and rode their first ferry in Galveston. We got to see the Aztec ruins in New Mexico and the Bison range in Montana. We hiked slot canyons in Utah and explored an old gold mine in Silverton Colorado . We watched the sun rise at gooseneck and boon docked at Mexican hat. My younger 3 dedicated their lives this year 2 were baptized in Flathead lake and 1 in Vallecito Lake. This year has had its hard times by all means but it has sure had beautiful moments as well. I am so grateful for my home. It’s not huge, it’s not fancy, but we are happy and love the opportunities we have in our life with a house on wheels. ♡ I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us and what this post a year from now will read. I love all the new friends I’ve made on here. You all have inspired me and blessed me more than you know.

Diaz family chili recipe

Tonight I had some friends over for dinner and wanted me to share my family’s recipe on my blog. I have never posted a recipe before online so bare with me!


1 lbs of ground sausage

1 can black beans

1 can navy beans

1 can pinto beans

1 can light red beans

1 can dark red beans

1 can of corn

2 cloves of garlic

1 whole red onion

2 cans of petite diced tomatoes

1 cup of chicken broth

1 tablespoon of cumin powder

½ tablespoon of chili powder

½ tablespoon of cayenne pepper

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch black pepper

3 tablespoons of rice wine


Get a large pot and dice up the red onion and garlic.  Place the ground sausage in the pot and cook them all together until the meat is browned.  Then simply add everything else and cook on low heat for about two hours.  Top with mexican style cheese and that’s it.

That is my secret recipe!  It is simple and I pray everyone enjoys it.

The place does not matter

Lamentations 2:5-7

The Lord has become like an enemy— he has devoured Israel. He has devoured all of her palaces, destroying her fortresses. He filled cherished Judah with mourning and lament. 6  He plowed under his Temple like a garden, spoiling his tent. The LORD abolished in Zion both festivals and Sabbaths. In his fierce wrath he despised both king and priest. 7 The Lord rejected his altar, disavowing his sanctuary. He gave up her palace walls to the control of the enemy. They shouted in the LORD’s Temple, as though they were attending a day of celebration.

In past lessons I have written about the proper heart of worship.  Today I want to share how the location of our worship does not matter to the Lord, what matters to Him is our priorities in worshiping Him.  A church is just a building no different than the temples of old.  They can be beautiful and even luxurious and hold thousands of people, however, if the people from within do not sincerely worship God the church will slowly decay from within. 

This is why I want to share with everyone today that the place of worship does not matter to God.

The people of Judah had an amazing temple, but had no sincerity in their worship.  They were simply going through the daily motions of worship.  What they were proclaiming with their mouths was not what was truly in their hearts and minds.  By doing this, their worship became a mockery of our Heavenly Father.  This is a big problem I see in today’s churches that affects many Christians because of it.  Many people see church as the one day of the week to give to the Lord and mistake its intention.  Church is a place for fellowship, it is not the only spiritual word you should receive during the week.  Your worship should be conducted daily from home.  If you just praise and worship on Sunday’s and continue to sin the rest of the week or not be sincere in your worship, you are no different that the people of Judah and they paid a horrific price for mocking God.

I am not pointing any fingers to anyone because we have all been there at some point.  You wake up not feeling well or just not into it and go to church out of habit or routine.  However, if your heart’s not in it than you should just stay home when looking at it from God’s perspective.  Before you worship the Lord you should ask yourself some simple questions to see if you are in the proper mindset to worship Him.  When you are praying to God, are you saying things that you really do not mean?  An example can be praying for some sort of healing, but not really expecting God to help you.  Are you starting to become numb to your own daily sin and justify your actions by not being as bad as the person to your left or right?  Thinking like this will pollute your mind and in terms pollute your worship of God.

Only you can honestly answer these questions.  I just want to bring to light with the proper mindset and sincerity of heart you can worship God truly from anywhere.  Whether a church, your home or driving to work, always remember the gift of life the Lord has given you and He is always worthy of your praise.  When having a positive perspective like that in mind, you will be able to tackle any obstacle and your worship will never be a mockery to the Lord.  I pray that this message helps someone today and please have a blessed day.